The New Yorker - March 31, 2003

The Margaret Mead (or at least the Tina Barney) of upscale, thirtyish Los Angeles women - those who gather on a Tuesday afternoon to compare engagement rings and have private yoga lessons at home. Albert-Halaban documents ritual and banality alike; her pedicured friends spend time at the gym, at the salon, in the shoe stores, and in pottery classes. One woman with a Xanax-tranquil expression, shown without friends, shares a bag of cherries with her young daughter in a fortresslike enclosure by the pool. In another image, an innocuous game of Scrabble is made slightly menacing by the presence of the word N-E-S-T-E-R-S on the board. Through April 12. (Meyerowitz, 120 Eleventh Ave. 212-414-2770.)

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