Formerly a Manhattan snob moves to Long Island City and realizes it is the place to be!

This Manhattan native describes her move to Long Island City:
I spent the summer of 2006 looking for apartments and keeping a photo log of everyone I saw. For close to a month, my husband and I kept looking at the floor plans and model apt pictures online for the new Long Island City rental buildings, but I couldn’t be convinced to make an apointment to view them. My lifelong Manhattan snobbery was getting in the way. I couldn’t see myself living in Queens. Finally, my husband persuaded me to take the 7 train that 1 quick stop out of Manhattan to see the apartment, and the moment I walked in, and saw the view, the spacious layout, the sunlight, and felt the strong cross ventilation from the South/west and north facing floor to ceiling windows, I knew I had come “home.” My husband looked at the apartment the next day and we signed the lease 2 weeks later.

• What do you like/ dislike most about your view?
There is not a single thing I dislike about my view. I love watching the sunsets over Manhattan and seeing how the change in weather patterns changes my view on a daily basis. One moment the city can be blanketed in haze only to be broken through by the sun moments later. I love watching the seaplanes flying by my windows hourly as they land on the East River. And most of all, I love sitting on my window sill and watching the Forth Of July fireworks explode at my finger tips.

• How has your view changed since you moved into your apartment?
I’ve noticed more construction cranes rising above the Manhattan and East Queens skyline.

•What do you see from your apartment that you find interesting?
The changing colors of the Empire State Building, the UN, the Chrysler, boats and barges sailing up and down the east river, and being able to do our own traffic reports for the 59th Street bridge!

•What various kinds of people do you see from your view?
Construction workers 20 stories below; other residents picnicking and sunbathing in the park below.

•How does your view make you feel?

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